Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The splendid Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus occupies one of the hills of the city and is an integral part of the city’s landscape.

A wooden church was built here as early as in 1685, however, unfortunately, it burned in 1887 during a thunderstorm. A two-tower red brick church was built here in accordance with the design made by Florians Viganovskis (Florians Viganovskis), and its construction commenced in 1888, while it was dedicated in 1904. The facade of the building is made in the pseudoromantic style, while the upper part of towers, windows and solid elements are made in the pseudogothic style.

There are five splendid altars at the Cathedral, including the central altar devoted to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was made in the city of Romanov, Volyn region. Based on the drawing of professor Bogdanovics (Bogdanovičs), it was made of wood in the Gothic style by a German master. The sculpture of Jesus Christ is in the centre with a wooden cross and the Holy Lamb above.

The stained glass of the central windows depicts the first Livonian bishops, i.e. St. Meinards and St. Alberts who played an important role in the process of the Christianisation of Latvia. The Cathedral has maintained its 18th century’s baroque and non-baroque pheretrones, i.e. mobile altars for processions.

Since 1995, the Cathedral was an important place for Catholics as an administrative centre since that year, the Rezekne-Aglone’s diocese centre and bishop seat were established were.

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