What to take home from Rezekne

When going traveling, we always wish to take something to remind us of adventures and sensations at home. We have summarised the best souvenir ideas that would remind of Rezekne well after the visit to the city:


KUUP coffee

KUUP means authentic coffee roasted in Latgale near Rezekne that is full of Latgalian values and produced in compliance with high quality standards. It is made for people to always have good coffee at hand regardless of circumstances. KUUP offers coffee that will be appreciated by espresso fans and those who prefer lighter coffee with milk and those who choose caffeine-free drinks.

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Rezeknis Bryuvers beer and quass

In the middle of Latgale, in Rezekne, the most delicious beer and sweet quass are produced by Rezeknis Bryuvers! Appreciated and demanded by locals.

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Delicious and traditional sausage made by Rezekne Meat Factory

Rezekne Meat Factory is one of the largest local enterprises that makes its goods using grandfathers’ recipes and traditions. Each resident of Rezekne will have delicacies produced by this company on a festive table.

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Products made by Liepkalni Farm

Liepkalni Farm is located in a picturesque hilly place in Rezekne Municipality that specialises in crop farming and develops biological farming. Their products got several prizes and combine modern and traditional.

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Latgale ceramics

Although Latgale ceramics managed to achieve a status of a bright symbol of Latvian traditional art, it keeps developing. Now, it is a signature product of the region that has soaked the power of centuries’ old traditions.

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Knitted socks, gloves and woven plaids

As we are in the temperate zone, staying warm is important. In Latgale region as elsewhere in Latvia, ornamental woollen socks and gloves as well as scarves and plaids are made. Moreover, in Latgale and Rezekne, there still are artisans that make all products with their own hands from natural materials.

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Find other souvenirs (as well as habitual magnets, cups, etc.) at Souvenir/Artisan Goods Shop Lade (Krasta Street 31).