About Rezekne

Rezekne is located in Eastern Latvia, in the heart of Latgale region and at the crossroad of several international transport main roads. Rezekne is situated 242 km away from the capital, Riga, 860 km from Warsaw, 264 km from Vilnius and 432 km from Tallinn.

Rezekne is situated on seven natural hills that add charm to its landscape and make walkabouts so fascinating. The Rezekne river crosses the city from East to West, shaping a distinct valley at Rezekne lowland and embracing the centre of the city. There is also a lake in the territory of the city that attracts artists all year round, while in the summer, it is the locals’ favourite place of recreation.

The city is called the Heart of Latgale and is an important regional cultural centre. There are several museums, art and design as well as music schools. The Rezekne Academy of Technologies that educates and prepares young professionals in various areas is also located in the city. It definitely worth mentioning that Rezekne is the place where the first concert hall built after the country had become independent – the Embassy of Latgale GORS – is located. It not only hosts high-quality cultural events of various scales, but also helps to nurture and maintain the Latgalian language and culture.

Rezekne can be described as a multinational and multicultural city shared by various nations (Jews, Poles, Germans, Russians, Belarusians, Latvians, etc.) for centuries. This is also reflected by various religious confessions represented in the city and their legacy – magnificent temples and churches.

Today Rezekne is the seventh largest city in Latvia (in terms of population) and a cultural and educational centre of Latgale. This is the place where old meets new, traditions meet modernity, place that inspires and gives a true taste of Latgale.