Take a walk and prepare for spring


The arrival of the spring signals the start of longer, warmer days. The nature is awash with colour and wildlife – a perfect season for long walks and hiking. Rēzekne is one of the greenest cities in Latvia full of pretty parks, squares, large trees and beautiful greenery. Moreover, the city is rich in water resources, there are both a river and lake in its territory, which gives an opportunity to enjoy winter tourism opportunities as well as to take a quiet stroll experiencing nature without leaving the city.


  • Make a circle around Rēzekne’s lake

The walking path round Rēzekne’s lake starts in the territory of the beach and is 3 km long. The path offers comfortable places of recreation, a children’s ground, water entertainments, camping, boat rental house and café. Nature path area is provided for walkabouts during all seasons and goes round all lakes, some sections are paved and some are a wooden promenade based on robust beams.

Access to the nature trails is from several sides – Ezera iela 5, Ezera iela 9b or from Atbrīvošanas aleja



  • Unravel Rēzekne River Promenade

One of the city natural values is the Rēzekne River that winds along seven hills for 10 kilometres. Today, the most valuable decoration of the river is a recently built promenade that has soon became a favourite place for walking among the residents of the city. There are plenty of peaceful nature nooks, picturesque views and places of recreation along the way.

The new river promenade links the Olympic Centre Rezekne and Embassy of Latgale GORS, while walking along the Rezekne river, one can observe the view to the city from the castle hill, familiarise with historical names of the city on the bridge bas-reliefs as well as visit sightseeing objects along the route, including the Embassy of Latgale GORS, Youth Centre Zeimuls with its oblique towers and 13th century’s castle ruins. The promenade also stretches along the Lescinskis Bridge over the river where once there was a cognominal mill (1858) with the first built-in water turbine in Latgale (1901). Currently, the only trace of the once existed mill is a water flow that simultaneously is the largest rapid along the Rezekne River.

  • Discover the secrets of Rēzekne’s oldest streets

Latgale’s Street is one of the oldest streets in Rēzekne. It is only 847 m long, however, it is one of the city’s main transport corridors. Many post cards printed in the beginning of the 20th century depict a paved street with one- or two-storey buildings stretching along, including many small shops and artisans’ workshops dotted with countless signs. Many red brick buildings built in the beginning of the previous century have survived until now demonstrating the charm of this period architecture and inviting to capture decorative elements made of shaped bricks as well as quiet small inner yards along Latgale Street. In the area of Latgale’s street you will find many captivating objects such as Rēzekne Green Synagogue, which is the oldest wooden building in the city. 

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