Green Synagogue

The Green Synagogue in Rezekne is the oldest wooden building in the city (1845) and the only of 11 synagogues that has survived. It is a unique pearl of the ancient wooden architecture in the heart of the old city of Rezekne and a must-see tourist object.

In 2016, the Green Synagogue was renovated and now it offers a unique display, including an underground genizah as well as a stove for baking unleavened Peysach bread – Matzah.

Visitors may observe a digital photo exposition about the Jewish history of Rezekne and Jewish property, Jewish sacred item collection, i.e. ecba, tallit, tfillin, Torah scrolls, prayer books dated back to the 19th century, a documentary about Rezekne’s Jewish population the Survival Syndrome.

A small library is available at the synagogue with a collection of spiritual literature about the Jewish history and traditions, the interactive educational program From Purim to Hanukkah.


Kraslavas Street 5

Working hours
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10.00-15.00 (for groups on request)

+371 26615683