Latgales Street

Latgales Street is the oldest street in Rezekne that was important at all times not only as part of transport and commercial infrastructure, but also in public life. A 847 meter street reveals the historical development in the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century and architectural peculiarities of its buildings. Some of symmetric facades of buildings at Latgale Street have features of red brick architecture characteristic of the classicism. More than 20 various forms of bricks were used to decorate the facade of the buildings, those form original cornices and window openings, while accents are made by using forged metal openwork balconies.

Some of old buildings at Latgale Street that survived both World Wars and still exist are considered as state and local architectural monuments:

  • rebuilt building of the Catholic Secondary School at Latgale Street 82 (1792),
  • Ergla pharmacy at Latgale Street 41 (1882),
  • Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus at Latgale Street 88b (1888),
  • city bus station at Latgales Street 17 (1950).

In 2018, Latgale Street was reconstructed and became more convenient for walkers and cyclists. Moreover, the rose theme can be traced along the entire street in various changeable forms.

Atrašanās vieta

Latgales Street