Rezekne River Promenade

One of the city natural values is the Rezekne River that winds along seven hills for 10 kilometres. Today, the most valuable decoration of the river is a recently built promenade that has soon became a favourite place for walking among the residents of the city. There are plenty of peaceful nature nooks, picturesque views and places of recreation along the way.

The new river promenade links the Olympic Centre Rezekne and Embassy of Latgale GORS, while walking along the Rezekne river, one can observe the view to the city from the castle hill, familiarise with historical names of the city on the bridge bas-reliefs as well as visit sightseeing objects along the route, including the Embassy of Latgale GORS, Youth Centre Zeimuls with its oblique towers and 13th century’s castle ruins. The promenade also stretches along the Lescinskis Bridge over the river where once there was a cognominal mill (1858) with the first built-in water turbine in Latgale (1901). Currently, the only trace of the once existed mill is a water flow that simultaneously is the largest rapid along the Rezekne River.

The route will be appreciated by nature tourism lovers, and it is suitable for slow bicycle ride and electric scooters.

Useful tip: A walk along the Krasta Street promenade is a linear route, its length totals to 3.5 km.

Atrašanās vieta

Krasta Street