Places to visit in Rēzekne district

Picturesque nature, rich cultural-historical and natural heritage are only a small part of what a traveler can enjoy in the district of Rēzekne.

In the surroundings of Rēzekne, it is possible not only to relax by the water, but also to discover the cultural and historical treasures, visit festivals, experience preserved ancient crafts and taste the special culinary heritage of Latgale, feel the special magic of Latgale language and hospitality.


Lūznava manor and its surroundings

Lūznava Manor is an art nouveau gem of Latgale. You can enjoy restaured interiors, various exhibitions, go on tours in the manor itself or the picturesque park next to it. It is possible to rent rooms with a historical aura or stay at a guest house “Svilpaunieki” nearby. 

Highlight of the Manor is the permanent multimedia exhibition – Kerbedzs: following engineering ideas, which tells the story of the first owner of the manor and the era that it was built in. 

griku rezidence

Biological farm "The Residence of Buckwheat"

“The Residence of Buckwheat” is an organic farm, where the owners enthusiastically tell and show how the grain comes from the field to the table. Various flours, buckwheat pasta, buckwheat bars, crackers, traditional Latgalian asushkas, buckwheat meatballs, muesli, buckwheat milk and much more are made here. An interactive and educational tour awaits visitors here, as well as many, many delicious tastings.


Teirumniku swamp trail

Teirumniku swamp is located in between Lubānu and Orenīšu pounds. In a swamp 800 meters long foot trail has been made, which introduces with Teirumniku swamp and lake landscape and diversity of local flora and fauna. 

The trail easy to pass, but not available for people with disabilities, it is available all year round, just be careful during the cold season during heavy colds and snows.



Obelisk farm


Obelisk farm is an hemp farm that offers various hemp products such as hemp oil, hemp tea, hemp protein, hemp spice, hemp salt, hemp honey, hemp peanut butter, and more. In 2019 was opened the only one in Baltic states – Hemp museum.

The owners of the farm are passionate about growing hemp, making high-quality hemp products, and educating others about the uses and benefits of the hemp plant. They seek to make a positive impact on the planet and the people. 


Rāzna Lake National Park

The Rāzna Lake National Park is the youngest and second-largest (59 615 ha) of the four national parks of Latvia. Established in 2007 to preserve the valuable nature, culture, history, and landscape of Lake Rāzna. From the bird’s eye view, the landscape of the Rāzna National Park is a unique composition of rolling hills and lakes. Hills covered with forests, meadows, and golden crops are Latvian mountains, and among them – one can see mirrors of larger and smaller lakes, and among them, the Lake Rāzna is located – the largest lake in Latvia according to the volume of water, which locals call the sea of Latgale!
Rāzna Lake National park is a perfect destination for all kinds of tourists, here you will find beautiful nature, exciting active recreation, and cozy accommodations.