St. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church

The church of the Rezekne Lutheran Congregation was built before the World War II; in 1933, the foundation was laid, and on August 8, 1938, Latvian Lutheran Archbishop Teodors Grinbergs (Teodors Grīnbergs) devoted it to the Holy Trinity. It is a red brick building with an impressive 37 meter high bell tower.

 The first congregation’s wooden church was located next to the existing church, and it was built as early as in 1888. However, in 1919, during the War for Independence, the wooden building was damaged and demolished. In the 30th of the 20th century, the number of Lutherans in Rezekne increased as officials, teachers, army officers came to work from other municipalities. Thus, the old church was demolished, and in its place, a new one with a much larger prayer hall was built.

After the World War II, in 1949, soviet authorities alienated the church from the congregation, took off its crosses and disassembled the bell tower, built the 2nd floor over the church where a film rental shop and a cinema were arranged. The altar, organ, pulpit were lost.

The church was returned to the congregation only in 1994 when large-scale repair was commenced. Today, the church is opened and administers the divine services.

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