Sarkankalns (7 km from Rezekne)

In the winter, Sarkankalns is open to both adult and little winter sport fans. 2 elevators operate at the mountain, and several traces are available: a flat one and a steep one, and also the Sledge Slope, thus, this place is suitable for all skiers, snowboarders and other fans of winter activities at any age and skill level.

55.7 m high Sarkankalns peak is located at the height of 203.5 m over sea level. A long distance is observable from Sarkankalns peak, and Lielais Liepu Mountain located approximately 35 km away from here and Makonkalns in the territory of Razna National Park can be seen.

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Atrašanās vieta

Sarkankalns, Plikpurmali, Veremi Parish, Rezekne Municipality


+371 26417666

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12.00 PM – 08.00 PM, Sat.-Sun. 10.00 PM – 08.00 PM