Route Rezekne in Old Photos

Monochromatic wall paintings that depict historical landscapes of the city have already become a signature of Rezekne. These large works of art on buildings have been created thanks to the initiative of local artists discovering features of Rezekne captured in the same style – interpretation of ancient postcards and old photos of the city.

While going along the walking route, there is an opportunity to familiarise with 8 large-scale wall paintings that are located in the centre of the city within the walking distance from each other. The route stretches along Atbrivosanas Alley, walking promenade along the river, Brivibas, Kraslavas as well as Latgales Streets.

The walking route is linear, however, there are place of recreation, cafés and shops along the route.

Location of wall paintings:

  • Atbrivosanas Alley 86a – a kiosk was captured in about 1930, newspapers, cigarettes, fruits, ice-cream, chocolates and other goods were available here.
  • Atbrivosanas Alley 67 – old Dvinskas Highway and Diana cinema that hosted the first day of the Latgale Congress are depicted.
  • Atbrivosanas Alley 67 – the city’s oldest Latgales Street and old buildings characteristic of the 19th century can be seen in the picture.
  • Brivibas Street 14 – the main character in the picture is a woman (whose popular name is Pelageja), being a symbolic carrier of culture through centuries, captured against the background of Brivibas Street.
  • Latgales Street 27 – Latgales Street prospect in the beginning of the 20th century is depicted.
  • Kraslavas Street 4a – the painting depicts the oldest photo find in Rezekne that shows a local Jew.
  • Latgales Street 63 – the art gallery shows activities in which residents of Rezekne were involved in the 30th of the 20th century.
  • Latgales Street 70 – depicts the landscape of Rezekne from the Tower of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Atbrivosanas Alley 120 – the painting depicts girls (whose popular name is little sisters) wearing clothing characteristic of the beginning of the 20th century.

Useful tip: the length of the route is 3 km

Duration ~ 1 h

Route map
Tour distance

3 km

Walking time

~ 1 h