Orthodox Cathedral of the Birth of Holy Jesus’ Mother

The Orthodox Cathedral of the Birth of Holy Jesus’ Mother is the oldest cathedral in the city, it was devoted to the Birth of Holy Jesus’s Mother in 1846. The church is an example of a classical basilican cult building. Its architecture particularly stresses the entrance and two towers that are located at the central axis of the building.

The church underwent massive repairs in 1854 and 1902, domes and crosses were covered with gold, a tile stove was installed, a stucco floor was laid, and a new altar was made as well as a granite threshold outside. The renovated church was devoted in 1906 and spend more than 100 without major repairs.

The church has an extraordinary three-level iconostasis, i.e. a wall covered in icons arranged in previously developed order at Orthodox churches. The iconostasis is separated the sanctuary from the nave. The iconostasis was made in the end of the 18th century and in the beginning of the 20th century following both Old Believers’ and Orthodox icon painting traditions.

Next to the church, on the left, there is a little stone chapel devoted to the miraculous salvation of Russian Emperor Alexander II after the train crash on April 4, 1866. The chapel was devoted on September 8, 1867. On the right, there is a metal mausoleum devoted to the patrons of the church, the Karaulov family.

In 2015-2016, the church was renovated and opened to visitors.

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