Memorial site Latgale Congress 100

On April 26-27, 197, Rezekne hosted the First Latgale Congress that made a decision that Latgale would join Kurzeme and Vidzeme in the united State of Latvia. This event was very important at both regional and national levels and give residents of Latgale an opportunity to consciously join the united state together with other historical regions of Latvia.

 To celebrate the centenary of the Latgale Congress, the monument Latgale Congress 100 was opened on May 5, 2017. It marks the place where the Diana cinema that hosted the first day of the congress was located in 1917.

The monument is made of three Latvian boulders that symbolise historical regions of Latgale, Kurzeme and Vidzeme. The memorial site embodies the idea of a road junction in the name of a common idea of the united Latvia. Words once said by an outstanding Latgalian politician Francis Trasuns (Francis Trasuns) are carved in the monument: “Varai pīdar laiceiba, taisneibai – myužeiba” (Authorities have time, while people have eternity) as well as an inscription that informs about the timeline of the congress.

Atrašanās vieta

Atbrivosanas Alley 61