Kukli (Kukli) Family Square

The Kukli (Kukli) Family is one of the oldest Jewish families of Rezekne, its offspring live in 15 various countries, and in-spite of wars, Holocaust, camps, emigration, the family tree includes 3,000 names.

The idea to install the memorial sign belongs to representatives of the Kukli (Kukli) family, and it was opened in 2018 in the presence of more than 50 representatives of the Kukli (Kukli) family from 9 countries as well as representatives of the Rezekne Jewish community. The memorial sign is made in a form of a stone, and on its granite surface the name of the forefathers of the Kukli (Kukli) family are carved: Mordehajs and Hanna Kukuli (Mordehajs un Hanna Kukuli) together with their children’s names. The metal frame in front of the stone symbolises the entrance to the house.

The core idea of the memorial sign is to have a place on Earth where all representatives of the Kukli (Kukli) family are united regardless of their places of residence and a generation of the family that they represent. Opposite to the square, a wall painting depicts the mighty city Stone Synagogue (destroyed) and a portrait of a respectable elderly Jew dated back to the 19th century.

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