Guided tour at the Rēzekne Olympic Centre

“Olympic Centre Rēzekne” provides an opportunity to see what one of the main sports infrastructure development complexes consists of.

“The Olympic Centre Rēzekne” is a very large complex consisting of a football pitch, a hotel, an outdoor swimming pool and an arena. Therefore, when booking a tour, it is important to define your purpose and what you are interested in at the Olympic Centre Rēzekne.

If you would like to see the arena, your guide will be happy to take you through all the rooms, corridors, ice rink, multifunctional hall, gym and aerobics area.

If you are interested in how the Olympic Centre Rēzekne operates, the guide will show you all the equipment, compressors, systems and answer all your technical questions.

The hotel seems so close, but you’ve never been? You can take a tour of the Restart Hotel’s rooms, spa area and outdoor swimming pool.


Excursions are organised for groups (one group of up to 20 persons – 20EUR).

Atrašanās vieta

Stacijas street 30

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