Castle hill model

Opposite to the castle hill, there is the Rezekne castle model showing how the Medieval castle Rositten built in the 13th century could look like. Edmunds Smans (Edmunds Smans), the author of the model, made it using archaeological findings and approximate knowledge about the Livonian Order Castle. The small stones that proportionally correspond to the size of stones used in construction of the Rezekne castle were mainly used to create the model.

The Medieval knight castle was built at a steep bank of the bay using boulders instead of the former Latgalian wooden castle. During the excavation works, an island was formed in the river where a high level of water was maintained by using a dam to fill tranches all around the castle. The castle could be accessed via a 6 m wide drawbridge and lift-off tower gates. When entering the forepart of the castle, it was possible to access the castle yard. The castle was two-storey, and towers were three-storey, there were a shed, bakery, stall and cattle barn in its territory. A massive defensive wall was built behind the castle. All these features of the Rositten castle are visible in the model.

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