Audio route the Traces of Old Rezekne

The audio route the Traces of Old Rezekne starts in the heart of the city at the monument Latgales Mara and gradually unfolds various features of the city, familiarising a listener with historical and modern facts, directing along the promenade to find out historical names of the city, shows city’s modern architecture and ends at one of the city’s hill in front of the Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus. It is easy to walk along the route and it is based on both the objects and sights that are most frequently visited by both guests of the city and residents of Rezekne. The route is linear and stretches across the historical centre of the city

Useful tips

The audio route Traces of Old Rezekne is available at the free application Qwixi Tour. To listen to the Rezekne audio tour, please enter the name of the city or route name in the browser and download the file.

The route is linear and the following can be observed: the monument United for Latvia – the Orthodox Cathedral – the wall paintings in the urban environment – the memorial site of the Latgale Centenary Congress – Latgales Street – Ergla Pharmacy – Green Synagogue – Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus.

Tour distance

2 km

Walking time

1,5 h