Antons Kukojs (Antons Kūkojs) monument

The sculptural composition devoted to Antons Kukojs (Antons Kūkojs) has become the favourite sight of both residents of Rezekne and guests of the city. It was opened in 2012 in the centre of Rezekne at the square in front of the Latgale Culture and History Museum. Antons Kukojs (Antons Kūkojs) was a poet, playwright, storyteller, publicist, artist, film director, actor, teacher, a well-known culture and public figure, and just a witty and resourceful person with a great sense of humour. He is an author of a range of expressions or cultural habits that have become traditional among Latgalians.

The idea belongs to the sculptress Svetlana Skackova-Marcenko (Svetlana Skačkova-Marčenko) who created the monument. It is made at the sculpture park in St.-Petersburg. There is a bench next to the monument, on which the famous A. Kukojs’s (a. Kūkojs’s) briefcase stands.

Meanwhile, the recent legend tells that everyone can read his dream written in the book held by Antons Kukojs (Antons Kūkojs) in his hand and if one touches the briefcase, all creative plans turn to be successful.

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Atbrivosanas Alley 102