Exhibition “Graphite” by Jolanta Jonikane

On Wednesday, 14 February, at 15.00, everyone is invited to the opening of the solo exhibition of Rezekne artist Jolanta Jonikane, a series of works “Graphite” at the Latgale Museum of Cultural History.

Jolanta Jonikāne is a lecturer at the Latgale branch of the Art Academy of Latvia. She teaches drawing and polygraphy to students of the Bachelor’s programme, and drawing, illustration and composition to students of the Advertising Education programme at the Latgale Music and Art Secondary School, a structural unit of the Arts Education Competence Centre. Her latest series “Graphite” is based on her long-term experience in using graphite pencil as a technical means of expression and inspired by the possibilities offered by its monochrome asceticism.

She says: “I have been a drawing teacher for 23 years and I use graphite pencil as the main material for academic drawing, as artists have done for centuries. This series of works is an attempt to look at such a familiar material in a different way. Using alternative methods, I have tried to challenge traditional art practices and media.”

Latgale Museum of Cultural History, 1st floor exhibition hall