This winter, Latvian audiences will be charmed by the nostalgic charm of Paris. On January 7, the musical show “Piaf!”, recognized as one of the most successful French shows in the world, will be shown on the GORS stage of the Latgale Embassy. The world-famous artist Natalija Lhermitas will bring to life on stage the life and music story of Edith Piaf – a personality who marked an era and became one of the symbols of France.

The show “Piaf!” staged by director Jules Marsal. tells the story of the legendary chansonnier through her unique songs and vivid visuals. During the performance, rare footage will be shown on stage – previously unpublished images of the iconic Parisian locations of Piaf’s era. “The most beautiful tribute to Edith Piaf’s career…” – this show was unanimously recognized by Edith Piaf’s relatives and friends, such as her personal secretary Jeanette Richer, friend Germaine Ricoeur, composer Charles Dumont and singer Charles Aznavour. The production has already been performed more than 400 times, in more than 50 countries of the world.

The business card of Edith Piaf, known as the singer of the century in France, is an excellent voice and a rebellious character. Her life was intriguing, full of dramatic events and surrounded by legends. Despite her difficult childhood and family problems, she became one of the most famous and popular French singers.

There are not many artists in the world who can bring to life the voice, talent and charisma of Edith Piaf on the stage, but one of them is the French performer Natalia Lhermite, who has been performing on the stage for 45 years. Natalia is considered the best performer of Piaf’s repertoire in France and the “heir” of her work. The singer says: “In this performance, I try to reflect Edith’s creative soul, because music was everything to her. Her music is magical and fascinates the whole world even 60 years after her passing. Her music will touch everyone because it is real and full of love and faith. After all, Edith believed in music and the power of love.”

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Pils iela 4, Embassy of Latgale GORS
05:00 PM
07:00 PM