7 reasons to visit Rēzekne


Enjoying culture at Embassy of Latgale GORS

Embassy of Latgale GORS is not just an world level acoustic concert hall, but also a multifunctional cultural centre that also offers exhibitions, films and gourmand experiences. This place nurtures and maintains everything Latgalian, so you are always warmly welcomed here, which is so characteristic of Latgale.


Small Jewish Street in Old Rezekne and Green Synagogue

In the 19th century Rezekne was mainly inhabited by Jewish who can be traced in the oldest part of the city. The oldest wooden building in the city and the only remaining resort for ancient Jewish traditions is the Green Synagogue in Rezekne.


Urban nature

Rezekne is one of the greenest cities in Latvia full of pretty parks, squares, large trees and beautiful plantings. Moreover, the city is rich in water resources, there are both a river and lake in its territory, which gives an opportunity to enjoy winter tourism opportunities as well as to take a quiet stroll experiencing nature without leaving the city.


Rich sacred legacy

For many centuries, Rezekne has been a multinational and multicultural city shared by various nations (Jews, Poles, Germans, Russians, Belarusians, Latvians, etc.) for centuries. This is also reflected by various religious confessions represented in the city and their legacy – magnificent temples and churches.


Unique Latgalian

Latgale is a special region of Latvia. This is the Land of Blue Lakes, a place with its unique language and its character. Not by chance, Rezekne is known as the heart of Latgale. Here, one may enjoy all colours, tastes and sensations of Latgale. It does not matter whether it is real Latgalian beer and Latgalian food or buying ornamental woollen gloves or singing our songs together. Have no doubts that you will always be warmly welcomed here, especially if you say a traditional Latgalian greeting “Vasali” everywhere you go!

Traditions kept by the museum

The best way to understand locals is to go to the Latgale Culture and History Museum. The museum offers not only an exposition devoted to the history of the city, but also one of the most impressive collections of Latgalian ceramics. The Latgalian ceramics is a signature product of regional artisans – clay goods of various colours and shapes embody the energy of people of this region and power of traditions.


Gourmand experience

Rezekne is the place where both traditional and surprising new tastes are available. There are plenty of cafes that have perfectly integrated international food trends adding some local features. Thus, the city offers gourmand experience Taste Pearled Grain -Taste Rezekne that combines traditional and modern by using traditional cereals – wheats. These dishes can be tasted at many city’s cafes, the next step is to personalise the experience.