Highlights of Rēzekne’s autumn

Autumn is harvest season in Latvia – we can finally reap what they sowed from delicious mushrooms to quinces, porcini to freshly hinted venison. Autumn in Rēzekne is so beautiful and it passes so quickly that you must hurry to enjoy it while you can. 

  • Take a colorful walk on the Rēzekne river promenade.
    The pedestrian promenade is a place for leisurely walks, enjoying the smells, sounds and sensations of autumn on the bank of the Rēzekne river. With the construction of the new section, the length of the 2021 promenade is almost 5 km and connects the most important tourist and leisure facilities: Latgale embassy GORS, ​​Rēzekne hill, creative center “Zeimuls” and Rēzekne Olympic center.
  • Enjoy the culture at the Embassy of Latgale GORS. GORS (The Embassy of Latgale), located in the city’s center, is a place where the story and the cultural heritage of Latgale region is shown through cultural and art events. The centre of culture features concert, exhibits and conferences halls, a film theatre and a restaurant among other things. All through the autumn visitors can enjoy the “Red” exhibition of the Rothko Museum and the “BikiMETRS” exhibition of the “Liels und mazs” publishing house, as well as many popular music concerts, ballet performances and programs for children.
  • Go on a stroll around Rēzekne’s lake.  If you go to Rēzekne’s lake which is a great place in the city center, you will find a well-maintained walking path that runs around the entire lake. It is 3 km long and is intended for walking, cycling, or simply observing nature. The beautiful autumn views and natural landscape can also be observed from the nearest cafe “Laivu māja” or from the excellent viewing platform that opens onto the lake.
  • Take a personal digital excursion with an audio guide. You can explore the city using 11 interesting audio stories. The stories are about the most significant objects in Rēzekne that reflect the history of the city and various events. At each objects subject to a story there is a stand showing relevant QR-codes. Those can be scanned by using a smartphone, automatically leading to an audio guide in a relevant language.
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