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Experience the flavors like a Latgalian

The people of Rēzekne have a unique ability to be inspired by global trends, give them local flavor nuances, making them Latgalian. Therefore, if you will be in Rēzekne, go on a taste adventure where the culinary heritage of Latgale combines with world cuisine.

Discover the local flavors by visiting restaurants and cafes in the city and find special dishes that can only be found in Rēzekne.


"Soldonos buļbys" and other wonders

Everything is tastier in Rēzekne – including desserts. „Soldonos buļbys“ or „Sweet potatoes“ will not only surprise you with their taste, but with their appearance they will definitely remind you of the charming fields of some potato farm. This and other unique desserts (such as „Just don’t tell mom“) can be tasted at the cafe „Zīds“, which is located in the premises of the Latgale embassy GORS.
Here it will be possible not only to enjoy an excellent view of the city, but also to enjoy dishes from the currently seasonal menu.


Unique chops to experience!

IGGI bārs & karbonādes is the place, where locals and tourists can enjoy the city’s tastiest grilled chops and juiciest burgers with Latvian-raised beef, complemented by VARA KLANU five types of traditional moonshine.

The core principle of the café is using products of local farmers and small home producers, making the preparation of the food slow and meaningful process.

The assortment of the menu will not leave anyone indifferent, and will allow you to taste the produce to the full spectrum.

foto kafija

Cup of Latgalian coffee?

How does authentic coffee roasted in Latgale taste? You can find that out by visiting Latgale’s only coffee roaster KUUP, where, inspired by the world’s coffee flavors, a small company shows, tells and offers to taste their unique coffee. They are more than a simple roastery and a cafe, they are an authentic story.

The names of the different types of coffee are inspired by Latgalian traditions and words. BRAZILIAN NIGHT, COLOMBIAN FLIRTATION, JESUP’S ETHIOPIAN DREAM and BLACK ONTONS will allow every coffee lover to enjoy a nuanced bouquet of flavors. Even decaffeinated coffee lovers will find something for themselves, because !HOLA! DOLORES coffee is specially created for them.

Along with the coffee in the bakery’s cafe, the taste buds will be delighted by the cakes and buns made there.


The most Latgalian kebab in the world

The tastiest kebab, which has already become something of a city brand, can of course be tasted at „Ausmeņa“ in Rēzekne. Here, the delicious mix of meat and vegetables can be put in a bread, lavash or served on a plate. The meat in „Ausmeņa“ is marinated by themselves, and the sauces are also prepared on site. The secret ingredients make them tastier than other kebab restaurants.

The food in “Ausmeņa” is made much tastier by the fact that the spirit of local hospitality always reigns here – here you will hear the Latgalian language and receive large, delicious portions.